Tricare Counseling for Depression

Tricare Counseling for Depression

Tricare counseling for depression in Jacksonville, Florida is available at the D’Arienzo Psychological Group. Our psychology practice specializes in the treatment of military members and their families who suffer from depression as a result of life stressors, deployments, family separations, loss, post partum depression, chronic pain conditions and other other related health disorders. Dr. D’Arienzo, a former active duty psychologist, Mr. Alan Lipzin, a Jacksonville Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Ms. Patti Griffis, a Jacksonville Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Mr. Joe Zichi, a Jacksonville Licensed Clinical Social Worker have extensive experience in helping this population to cope with depression.

Seeking counseling for depression is often a formidable task. Many people worry about the stigma associated with mental health counseling and psychotherapy. Those suffering from depression are often unaware that they are not the only ones suffering from depression. In fact experiencing depression or depressive symptoms is often a normal experience through the life span. Fortunately effective help is available in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy. Research suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression with and without medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is usually a great fit for military members as it solution focused and typically a brief form of psychotherapy and or psychological counseling.

Tricare and Value Options ensure that Tricare beneficiries receive counseling for depression in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy.

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