Does Anger Management Work?

Does Anger Management Work?  Written by Ashley Pisciottano, UNF Communication Major and our Psychology Intern at D’Arienzo Psychological Group.

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Anger management is for those whose anger gets out of control and destructive. Getting help and managing anger can greatly impact an individual’s quality of life.

Anger can arise from many triggers, such as a specific person, event, memory or personal setback. Anger management helps reduce an individual’s negative feelings and outbursts towards these triggers.

In anger management the therapist or psychologist will first need to find out what triggers an individual’s anger, and then develop strategies to keep those triggers from tipping the individual over the edge. The different strategies in anger management include:  relaxation, cognitive restructuring, problem solving, better communication, using humor and changing the environment (APA, 2016).

In each of these strategies the key goal is to teach an individual how to respond and get around angry triggers in a controlled way. It usually takes an individual 10 weeks to three months to learn these strategies (Castella, 2013). A person must be aware of their anger and use these strategies when they feel their anger emerging. Also thinking before acting out can save a person from many regrets.

Anger is associated with serious harm and in the worst case scenario, homicides may result (Fives, Kong, & Fuller, 2011). If an individual’s life is falling apart because of anger, they need to get help to avoid hurting their self or others around them. The individual dealing with anger issues must realize their faults and overcome them in a controlled, meaningful manner. Also learning from past experiences can help the individual handle a situation differently the next time it comes around.

Anger management works if a person is willing to change and makes the effort to get help!



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