Anger Management Self Help

All it takes is 3 minutes a day for 30 days to change your life.

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We are very excited to announce our free anger management self help Get a Grip audio program. If you are motivated and committed, our program can assist you in learning to manage your anger and getting control of your life. All it takes is listening to a three minute audio segment per day and then work as best you can to apply it to your day.

How am I going to learn to control my anger listening to this damn recording? Get a Grip, 3 for 30. 

How am I going to learn to control my anger listening to this damn recording? Get a Grip, 30 for 30. Believe it or not, we can assist you in improving your anger if you are committed to the process and you listen to our recording and implement our techniques into your life.


Did my daddy cause my anger, and does it help to beat my pillow when I am angry? Get a Grip, 3 for 30 series. No, your daddy or mommy, did not pass down angry genes, and no it does not help to beat any object to reduce your anger.


Anger does have immediate payoffs; however, the long terms consequences are typically quite severe if one has a problem with anger. Get a Grip, 3 for 30. Spend time thinking about the payoffs versus the consequences. If you are honest in this approach, you will see that the consequences outweigh the benefits.


Does bullying other people get me what I want? Get a Grip, 3 for 30. You may get you want in the short term, but people are only giving you what you want because they fear you. When you are not around, they will likely not do what you say, and also resent you and retaliate against you given the chance.




Affordable Counseling in Jacksonville, Florida

Affordable Counseling in Jacksonville, Florida: A Path to Well-being. In the bustling city of Jacksonville, Florida, mental health services have become more crucial than ever. With its vibrant communities facing the everyday stresses of modern life, the demand for accessible and affordable counseling services is on the rise. Counseling, a pivotal aspect of mental health care, offers numerous benefits, from enhancing personal well-being to strengthening community bonds. This article delves into the affordable counseling options available in Jacksonville and the myriad benefits of seeking professional help. Navigating Affordable Counseling Options: Jacksonville, a city known for its sprawling parks and beautiful beaches, is also a hub for various affordable counseling services. These services aim to cater to individuals across different walks of life, ensuring that mental health care is not a privilege but a right accessible to all. Community centers, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in Jacksonville offer sliding scale fees, grants, and even free counseling sessions to those in need. Moreover, telehealth services have gained momentum, offering cost-effective counseling solutions without the need to travel. Local initiatives and health departments in Jacksonville are continually working towards expanding access to mental health services. These efforts include outreach programs, awareness campaigns, and partnerships with private practices to offer reduced rates. The goal is clear: to make counseling services as accessible as possible, removing financial barriers that often deter individuals from seeking help.

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