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Many of us would benefit from Anger Management. Anger is a natural emotion that impacts us all. However, some of us are especially prone to having difficulty managing our anger due to chronic stress, health problems, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, skewed expectations, low frustration tolerance, or just a general lack of emotional management skills. Further, some of us had parents who expressed anger inappropriately and, now as adults, we find ourselves acting in the same manner as our parents.

Most people seeking help for anger management seek help at the request of a loved one, a friend, a colleague, or a supervisor. Anger is typically not something we address until it has caused us significant problems. If you think anger may be an issue for you, don’t wait to get help until it is too late.

Anger Management 4 Hour Online Course Level 1 $20.00          Anger Management 8 Hour Online Course Level 2 $40.00

We offer anger management training by telephone, face to face, and by Skype utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy methods that are empirically based and found to be very effective.

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