Restore the Love

Fix Your Relationship with our Restore the Love 3 for 30 Training for Life Series

Spend 3 minutes a day for 30 days  and Improve Your Life  

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We are very excited to announce our free Restore the Love self help audio program. If you are motivated and committed, our program can assist you in improving your relationship or marriage.  All it takes is listening to a three minute audio segment each day for 30 days, reflection upon what you hear, and then applying the lesson to your day.


Restore the Love, 3 for 30: Making that difficult decision to fix my marriage or relationship. 


Restore the Love: Manage your expectations, examinations, and emotions.


Restore the Love, 3 for 30, Build the confidence and set the goals for change.


Tricare Psychology, Counseling, and Mental Health Care

Tricare Psychology, Counseling, and Mental Health Care. Military psychology plays a pivotal role in supporting the mental health and well-being of service members, their families, and retirees. Understanding the unique challenges faced by these individuals is essential, as is providing comprehensive care through programs such as TRICARE Mental Health Services. This article delves into the significance of military psychology and the benefits offered by TRICARE for those serving, their loved ones, and those who have served. Military Service Mental Health Psychological and Counseling Center in Florida Understanding Military Psychology. Military psychology focuses on the psychological aspects of military life, combat, and the aftermath of service. It encompasses a wide range of mental health services aimed at addressing issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and the stressors associated with military duties and transitions back to civilian life. The goal is to offer support that is both preventive and therapeutic, ensuring the mental resilience and well-being of the military community. TRICARE Mental Health Services: A Comprehensive Approach. TRICARE, the health care program serving Uniformed Service members, retirees, and their families, provides extensive mental health services. These services are designed to support the unique needs of the military community, including: Access to Care: TRICARE ensures access to mental health care without the need for referrals for active duty members. Family members and retirees can also access services with minimal barriers, emphasizing the importance of early and effective intervention. Diverse Treatments: The program covers a wide array of mental health treatments, including….

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