Psychological Testing for Armed Security Guards and Law Enforcement

Armed Personnel psychological evaluations

Global Psychological Testing and Evaluations

for Armed Security Guards and Law Enforcement

Navy Psychologist Dr. Justin D'Arienzo

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We provide global psychological screening and psychological testing for armed security guards, unarmed guards, and law enforcement. Our individual consultation and testing services are conducted completely over the web via videoconferencing and online psychological testing. No longer do you need to travel to our office in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dr. D’Arienzo has been providing security and law enforcement evaluations since serving as an Active Navy Psychologist from 2003-2008. Following his military service he has been a civilian psychological consultant for security firms and corporations interested in arming their security guards and concerned about adding an additional layer of protection by ensuring that their security personnel are psychologically fit to carry a live weapon. Please note that State and Federal Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluations are often required to be face to face assessments.

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Services Offered:

  • G-License Psychological Testing and Psychological Screening Evaluations (Testing for Florida Temporary Class “G” License Agency Character Certification or CLASS “G” STATEWIDE FIREARM LICENSE)
  • Armed Guard Psychological Testing and Psychological Screening Evaluations
  • Unarmed Guard Psychological Testing and Psychological Screening Evaluations
  • Texas Level IV (Level 4) Private Security MMPI-2 Testing
  • Law Enforcement Psychological Screening Evaluations
  • Psychological Evaluations and Testing for Executive Protection Services Personnel
  • Evaluations tailored for your specific needs.

How Services Are Provided:

  • Contact our office to determine your specific need by calling us at 904-379-8094 or emailing us at [email protected]
  • Your candidate will complete a written psychological questionnaire.
  • Your candidate will meet via Google Meet or other HIPPA compliant video conference platform with Dr. Justin D’Arienzo or Dr. Erica Janson (Clinical Psychologists) for an interview. The length of interview will be determined by the type of evaluation that is is needed.
  • Your candidate will then be provided a link to complete at least one objective psychological test designed for law enforcement personnel.
  • If necessary a short follow up contact with the candidate may be warranted in the event there are issues with testing or additional information is needed.
  • Psychological testing results and the results of the interview will be combined to determine whether the candidate passed the screening assessment and is deemed fit and suitable to carry a live weapon as a security professional or is psychologically fit to serve in an unarmed capacity.
  • The details of the evaluation are kept confidential, but the candidate receives a letter describing their results as passed, passed with caution or reservations, or did not pass. Results are provided within 24 hours.
  • If a candidate did not pass or passed with caution or reservations, they may be evaluated again in three to six months.

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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing Temporary Class “G” License Agency Character Certification Chapter 493, Florida Statutes
DACS-1603 Rev. 03/08

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