High Conflict Co-Parenting Course

High Conflict Co-Parenting Online Course

High Conflict Management Co-parenting course

High Conflict Co-Parenting Online Course is Coming. Check back with us soon!

Our Online High Conflict Co-Parenting Course is right for you if you and/or your fellow co-parent experience the following:

  1. Any topic is a trigger for conflict. It does not matter what you are discussing. You cannot seem to discuss any topic without it becoming a heated fight or argument. You avoid joint decisions and then get blamed for not co-parenting or making unilateral decisions.
  2. Potential safety concerns. One or both of you may have a history of violence, substance abuse, psychological problems, or legal issues that may potentially impact the children’s safety during visitation. You are concerned about your co-parent, or your co-parent exaggerates or maximizes the impact of your past history on your children.
  3. Over reliance upon litigation. Nearly every major, sometimes minor, decision is litigated. You both cannot resolve anything on your own especially without the Court and your attorneys.
  4. Ground hog day co-parenting. Despite prior agreements about a certain subject, you or the other co-parent revisit the same issue over and over again, even ones that you thought were thought had been resolved.
  5. Chronic co-parenting conflict. Most separating parents experience some level of conflict initially which gradually reduces, yet some co-parents remain as highly conflicted as they were years following their separation and or divorce.
  6. Alienating conflict. One or both parents unjustifiably campaign against the other parent impacting the relationship between the children and the alienated parent.
  7. The New Parenting Standard. Living up to a your co-parent’s standard as a parent may have been a challenge when you two were together, but now that you are apart, their expectation of you as a parent is out of this world.