What We Can Learn From Life Changes

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

What We Can Learn From Life Changes


What we can Learn from Life Changes by Jenny Lehman, LCSW

Living in a world of uncertainty can result in feelings of anxiety and panic. Jenny Lehman is our Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Anxiety Specialist. Her recent video discusses how to properly cope when we are feeling anxious due to big life changes.

When we have undergone a big change, we have a space of opportunity to notice what is happening inside of us because of the change. If you are feeling a lot of anxiousness, start focusing on the present moment and ask yourself where that feeling is coming up in your body. You do not need to try to change it but acknowledge that it is there and allowing it to be there. When we acknowledge that it is there, we are noticing and paying attention to it. If we pay attention to it, we are decreasing the power that it has over our lives. Distracting ourselves from our anxiety provides temporary relief, but not long-term relief. Instead of interpreting change as negative, maybe we can envision it as a birth process. We do not know what the birth process is doing or where it is going. We are staying open to any possibilities. This time we have had at home has forced us to deal with our inner struggles. When we sit with our feelings, we acknowledge them, we do not tell them to go away or judge them. Sitting with our feelings will start to create a shift in us. When we are open to that shift, there is something developing and growing in us.