Georgia Divorce Course

Healthy Divorce Healthy Kids for Georgia Residents

Court Required Online Georgia Divorce Course, $19.97

We are still under construction, but you can take our course already and get a certificate. 

The only Georgia Divorce Course developed by a Psychologist immersed in divorce and family law matters in their clinical practice on a daily basis. Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and Divorce Expert, routinely testifies in US Courts regarding divorce, parental fitness, parenting plans, and custodial decisions. He has combined his experiences with science based divorce literature to develop his Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, Healthy Divorce Health Kids. This course is offered for educational purposes and is often utilized for the court requirement in Georgia and Florida among other states for individuals divorcing who also share children. 

Quick Instructions: Purchase our course and you will immediately be sent a link and password for our course. Once you have completed it (within one regular business day), we will provide you with an official electronic certificate that you can present to your Judge or maintain for your file. If you have any questions, please contact us as [email protected] or call us at 904-379-8094.

Thank you for considering taking our Online Georgia Divorce Course. At this time, we ask that you take our regular Healthy Divorce Healthy Kids Course and ignore the Florida law material in it. Once you have completed the final quiz, we will send you an official Georgia Divorce Course Completion Certificate.

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See Georgia Divorce Code regarding a divorce course for Georgia divorcing parents below. In the event you are taking this online course for a Court requirement, you should check with your attorney or Judge to determine whether our course will meet your needs. Our course does take four hours to complete and we do cover the required topics.


Rule 24.8. Court Mandated Programs in Domestic Relations Cases

(A) There may be established by any superior court circuit a program designed to educate the parties to domestic relations actions in regard to the effects of divorce on minor children of the marriage. Establishment of the program shall be by majority vote of the judges of the circuit or by the chief judge, in the event of a tie vote by all judges.

(B) The superior court judges, under whose authority the program shall function, may require any or all parties to attend an educational seminar of no more than four hours in any domestic relations action before the court. The program may be administered by the court or by contract with a private agency. The seminar shall be conducted by qualified personnel whose professional and educational experiences include a knowledge of children and families.

(C) The seminar shall focus on the effects of divorce on children, specifically as it relates to the parents’ actions during and after the separation, and as it relates to the children at different developmental stages. Specific attention should be given to the effects of the economics of divorce on children.